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Individuals & Families

Families, including parents, siblings, guardians, and caregivers, are an essential component for the success of Employment First. Resources in this section provide information about how you can support your loved one to seek or maintain competitive community employment, resources and support for you and your family member, and more!
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Applying for the Division of Developmental Disabilities

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Available for Download as PDF Handout, High Contrast, Spanish and Plain Text Document Disponible en Español Plain Text: Applying for the Division of Developmental Disabilities The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) provides lots of services to help you live independently in your community. They can help you make decisions about your health, where you live, and where you work. Can DDD
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Arizona Employment First Infographic

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Downloadable as PDF Handout, High Contrast, Spanish, and Plain Text Document Disponible en Español Plain Text: AZ Employment First (EF) means that competitive integrated employment is the expectation for all Arizonans who have a disability. EF IS A… Vision Initiative Movement EF IS NOT A… Program Agency Service Arizona has an Employment First Executive Order (2017) declaring state agencies must
Road Map to Opportunities after High School

Road Map to Transitioning in Arizona

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What do you need to know to start planning for life after high school? This handout from the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council can help get you started. Once you think about the questions on the first page, reach out to the resources and services on the second page to learn more!
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Social Security Disability Benefits Resources: Arizona

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) is a government program. You can contact them for information about your benefits, including SSI and SSDI. This page lists the contact information for all the SSA offices in Arizona. These offices include: 18 field offices 3 Offices of Disability Adjudication and Review 2 Offices of Disability Determination Services These offices can help you with questions
Arizona State Transition Guide

The State of Arizona Transition Slide Guide

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Students with disabilities should start getting ready to transition out of high school when they are between 10 and 12. Students can transition to employment or post secondary education. This chart describes things students should be doing and the supports they need to transition successfully. Activities are broken into four themes across six age groups. Themes include: Self-Determination
Three people with disabilities and text reading Employment First: Job Opportunities for All

VIDEO: Employment First: Job Opportunities for All!

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What is Employment First? This video describes what it means, what's happening in Arizona, and success stories of integrated competitive employment. This video is also available with an audio description track. The video transcript is below and also available for download. To view the video as an embedded link, visit our Success Stories page. Video Transcript (with Audio Description) -[Voiceover]
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Working and Benefits

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Downloadable as PDF Handout, High Contrast, Spanish and Plain Text Document Disponible en Español Plain Text: Working and Your Benefits This table shows resources and programs for working and receiving benefits like SSI or Medicaid. To learn more about these programs and find other resources, visit AHCCCS Freedom to Work AHCCCS Freedom to Work means you can work and still receive
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Arizona Employment Provider Directory

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The Arizona Employment Provider Directory was created to help individuals and families make informed decisions on employment-related services. Providers are sometimes also called vendors and provide services for job seekers and families. It was developed with funding from the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council.
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Arizona Technology Access Program

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The Arizona Technology Access Program (AzTAP) helps people learn about assistive technology. They offer many programs, including: Assistive technology demonstrations Lending out technologies for short-term use Helping you select and obtain the technology that you need An online equipment re-use program Financial loans to help you buy assistive technology Training, education, and technical
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Arizona@Work connects job seekers to employers around the state through an online platform, job fairs, and trainings and apprenticeships. They also can help with your resume and to learn more about different careers. Visit their website for more information.