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I am an Individual with a Disability Who is No Longer in High School

If you are currently working or looking for a job in your community, this page can help you learn about who can help, the different types of jobs you can get, and resources to help you be successful.
Three people with disabilities and text reading Employment First: Job Opportunities for All

VIDEO: Employment First: Job Opportunities for All!

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What is Employment First? This video describes what it means, what's happening in Arizona, and success stories of integrated competitive employment. This video is also available with an audio description track. The video transcript is below and also available for download. To view the video as an embedded link, visit our Success Stories page. Video Transcript (with Audio Description) -[Voiceover]
Image of Benefits Infographic

Working and Benefits

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Downloadable as PDF Handout, High Contrast, and Plain Text Document Plain Text: Working and Your Benefits This table shows resources and programs for working and receiving benefits like SSI or Medicaid. To learn more about these programs and find other resources, visit AHCCCS Freedom to Work AHCCCS Freedom to Work means you can work and still receive healthcare through AHCCCS. To
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Arizona Employment First Infographic

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Downloadable as PDF Handout, High Contrast, and Plain Text Document Plain Text: AZ Employment First (EF) means that competitive integrated employment is the expectation for all Arizonans who have a disability. EF IS A… Vision Initiative Movement EF IS NOT A… Program Agency Service Arizona has an Employment First Executive Order (2017) declaring state agencies must work to improve employment
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Applying for the Division of Developmental Disabilities

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Available for Download as PDF Handout, High Contrast, and Plain Text Document Plain Text: Applying for the Division of Developmental Disabilities The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) provides lots of services to help you live independently in your community. They can help you make decisions about your health, where you live, and where you work. Can DDD Help Me? To get help from DDD,
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WIOA: It's Your Choice

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Available for Download as PDF in Color, Grey, and Text Only The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a law. WIOA says people who have disabilities have rights. These rights include having information about s elf-determination, self-advocacy , and peer mentoring . This handout will help you understand what those terms mean. It also has a checklist you can use to help you achieve your
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Social Security Disability Benefits Resources: Arizona

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) is a government program. This page lists the contact information for all the SSA offices in Arizona. These offices include: 18 field offices 3 Offices of Disability Adjudication and Review 2 Offices of Disability Determination Services These offices can help you with questions you have about your Social Security disability application or benefits.
Logo with stylized person with arms raised. blue text reads Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council

Arizona Employment Provider Directory

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The Arizona Employment Provider Directory was created to help individuals and families make informed decisions on employment related services. It was developed with funding from the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council.
Text reading Arizona @ Work Innovative Workforce solutions with an outline of Arizona in the center.


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Arizona@Work connects job seekers to employers around the state through an online platform, job fairs, and trainings and apprenticeships. They also can help with your resume and to learn more about different careers. Visit their website for more information.
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What Employment First Means to Me Infographic Handout

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Available for download as PDF Handout, High Contrast, and Plain Text Document To learn more, CLICK HERE . Plain Text: Employment First Means... Job Seeker: I have the information and support I need to make my own decisions about working. High Schooler: I have support to plan my future, like job counseling, work-based learning, and advocacy training. Family Member: I work collaboratively with my
Image of VR Eligibility Infographic

Vocational Rehabilitation Eligibility, Referral, and Roadmap

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This VR Eligibility and Referral Infographic is available for download as a PDF Handout, Plain Text Document, and High Contrast Handout VR Eligibility and Referral Plain Text: Vocational Rehabilitation helps people with disabilities get ready to work, find a job, and keep their jobs. It is sometimes called VR or Voc Rehab. To get help from VR, you MUST: Have a disability Have trouble finding or