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Employment and Salary in Arizona on People Who Have Disabilities

This handout uses Census data to provide statistics on employment and salaries for people who have disabilities in Arizona

Handout Text

Employment and Salary in Arizona on people who have disabilities

  • 80% or more have a high school degree or higher
  • Over 51% have at least some college
  • 35% of working-age people with disabilities have jobs
  • Compare to 74% of people with no disabilities have jobs
  • The average salary in Arizona is $21,000
  • People with no disabilities make an average of $10,000 more
  • The poverty level in Arizona for people with disabilities is 21%
  • Poverty level for people with no disabilities is 18%

Arizona seeks to change and enhance expectations around employment of people with disabilities. Visit AZ Employment First:

Source: US Census Bureau American Community Survey 2011-2016 5 year estimates.