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WEBINAR: Oh Yes, I CAN Work! Competitive Employment for People with Significant Disabilities

In September 2018, Dr. Laura Owens, CESP presented on supporting people who have disabilities employed in competitive settings” to VR counselors, DDD support coordinators, special education teachers, transition staff, and employment service providers from across Arizona. 

Laura A. Owens, Ph.D., CESP, has more than 30 years of experience as an international leader, speaker, and publisher in the disability employment field. She is a professor at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in the Exceptional Education Department. Dr. Owens also serves as President of TransCen, Inc. which improves employment outcomes of individuals with disabilities by providing direct placement services, developing new service models, and providing technical assistance.

This page contains links to Dr. Owen's presentations, introductions by Arizona stakeholders, Kristen Mackey, Michael Trailor, and Erica McFadden, a PDF of Dr. Owen's powerpoint, and a PDF of the training agenda.