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What Employment First Means to Me Infographic Handout

Infographic with line drawings of people with speech bubbles over each.

Available for download as PDF Handout, High Contrast, Spanish and Plain Text Document

Disponible en Español

To learn more about what Employment First means to a variety of stakeholders, follow this link!

Plain Text:

Employment First Means...

Job Seeker: I have the information and support I need to make my own decisions about working.

High Schooler: I have support to plan my future, like job counseling, work-based learning, and advocacy training.

Family Member: I work collaboratively with my loved one and a team of people who help them reach their employment goals.

Educator: I support ALL students in preparing for college and careers.

Service Provider: I understand the resources, strategies, and technologies available to support job seekers in competitive employment.

Employer: I understand the economic and social value of hiring people who have disabilities.

State Agency: I am accountable for helping job seekers who have disabilities with their employment goals